Kitchen and bathroom worktops made of the DEKTON® slabs

What is DEKTON®?

The Dekton slab is a combination of natural raw materials (glass, china and quartz) and the latest technologies of the 21st century. Stone material is transformed into a highly compressed slab under the pressure of 25 thousand tonnes in special conditions (particle sintering technology). Thanks to this mega-compression and technology, we get a slab that will last us a lifetime. It does not need to be renovated.

We receive

  • a slab of a size that was previously impossible to produce
  • top quality workmanship
  • a slab that is easy to keep clean and stain-free! (no porosity, Dekton does not absorb liquids)
  • aesthetics (colour stability, uniformity of pattern, elegance)
  • extremely high strength parameters (resistance to: bending, impact, scratches, UV light, fire and high temperatures, frost)
  • lightness (the material is lighter than granite but much stronger and harder than it)

Colours of DEKTON®

Where can the Dekton slab be used?

The possibilities are limited only by our imagination. We use Dekton in modern kitchen and bathroom designs, as wall coverings. It looks great on facades or on heavily used floors.